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Do you need to upgrade your Virtual Event? World-class magician and mentalist Rmax Goodwin has created a truly interactive experience to entertain guests around the world all at the same time.

Unbelievable Virtual Magician and Mentalist

Virtual meetings and events should engage and excite attendees. That’s why Rmax has transformed his mind-blowing in-person show into a dynamic, customized experience for virtual platforms. Throughout the show, he chooses guests at random from the gallery and reads their minds directly. At other times, he involves the entire audience at once.

Reviews by Celebrities Executives Clients

He’s a witch! There’s no other explanation!


We were just talking about how great it was to have to you. You are lots of fun and extremely professional — very appreciated! You helped make our party great!

Sarah RichVice President of SupplyFrame

Thank you so much for the great show! I usually do not stay on after the virtual activities get started but stayed around for your whole show because it was so fun! I cannot wait to continue to recommend you to all my groups.

Amy SonenfieldSenior Event Planner, Capital One

Thank you for your incredible showmanship yesterday. Everyone was truly blown away and enjoyed the entire event. We will certainly keep you in mind for any virtual or live person events we have coming up as it was fantastic.

Liz SmithVP of Sales, Eight One Events
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Meeting Planners, Rejoice!

Professionally Produced Virtual Entertainment

Using professional cameras, added software, and custom viewing windows, Rmax’s virtual show is a professionally produced experience designed to recreate the feel of an in-person show.

Drawing on his repertoire performing worldwide at events for Fortune 500 companies and the country’s biggest celebrities, Rmax has created a brand new show designed specifically to engage guests virtually. Rmax consults for America’s Got Talent Champions so he knows how to design impactful entertainment for both guests watching in-person and at home alike.

Make Your Next Virtual Event Unforgettable Unbelievable Unbeatable

This is not a show you sit back and watch. Rmax interacts directly with audience members reading their minds, influencing decisions, and predicting the future through the screen.

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Mystified Clients

oh, the things you’ll see. 

oh, the things you’ll see. 

oh, the things you’ll see. 

expect the unexpected. 

expect the unexpected. 

expect the unexpected. 

blow. their. minds. 


blow. their. minds. 


blow. their. minds.