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You have a corporate event, you’ve been asked to find a magician or mentalist and you want to know what to look for. Quality corporate entertainers bring more to the table than just entertainment. Any corporate magician or corporate mentalist knows that the success of the event rests not just on their magic or mentalism, but also on their ability to interact professionally with a work-related group. In your phone or email conversation, try to find out if they seem like the type of person you want representing your company. Will guests like them or engage with what they have to say? Is this the type of corporate magician where after the show you get in trouble with HR for hiring them? Is this person professional in their correspondence? Any quality magician for hire or corporate magician should be able to answer any questions you have about your event, company, and how their entertainment relates. Be honest with them about your entertainment goals, the audience they’d be performing for, the program setup, and what you expect from their show. Sometimes, they’ll let you know they aren’t the right fit, and that’s okay! Not every magician is perfect for every event: we all have our own skill sets.

Ultimately, reflect with your team on what your needs are–a clearly communicated understanding will also help your magician/mentalist know how to tailor his/her performance to your event. It’s easy to think “I want a magician for our event,” and not consider the purpose they’ll play and how they will fit within your larger corporate program. Answering those questions will make choosing an entertainer easy.