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New Venue for Magicians In Los Angeles

By December 17, 2022No Comments

Illusions Magic Lounge in Santa Monica is a great venue reopening in the New Year. The Magic Castle has been home to magicians in Los Angeles for 60 years, but it’s not the easiest place to visit. Dinner reservations are required (often far in advance) and age requirements make visiting as a family difficult. Anyone can visit Illusions Magic Lounge and see Magic Castle magicians. Guests can buy tickets to see the main show (in an accessible, well designed theater), or see close up magicians and mentalists in the lobby and bar area.

This venue used to be home to shows performed more or less exclusively by the previous owner. Under new ownership, a team of Los Angeles magicians and mentalists as well as touring acts will perform on a rotating basis allowing patrons to see new performances each time they visit.

This is also a great opportunity for magicians in Los Angeles to practice and rehearse their acts. Unlike the comedy circuit, which allows aspiring (and professional) comedians access to countless performance opportunities, it’s often difficult for magicians to find settings to perform and hone their acts. Having another professional venue like Illusions Magic Lounge will add to Los Angeles’ eminence in the magic community and offer both performers and patrons a space to showcase and experience quality magic.