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Working As A Virtual Magician And Mentalist

For years I’ve performed exclusively at in-person events, toting the fact that my entertainment is interactive and personal. I’m not the magician you sit back and watch, but rather the one you engage with directly: it’s much of the value I bring to clients. Regularly traveling nationwide to private and corporate events in cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Miami meant I could perform for thousands of spectators every year. Covid-19 changed everything and corporate entertainment may never be the same. Overnight I went from a mentalist and magician with a hundred bookings a year to none. And what it meant to be a corporate magician for hire has gone out the door. Now the question becomes “Can you perform your brand of magic and mentalism virtually?” After much ambiguity and trial and error, I’ve recognized it is absolutely possible.

My goal is to avoid having a show that spectators could have just as easily watched on YouTube. Rather, I have focused my energy on creating an interactive show in which though thousands of miles apart, I’m able to interact with the spectators and entertain virtually. This way, as with my in-person shows, the content is derived from the thoughts and decisions of the audience members themselves, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Meeting planners have bemoaned the challenges of creating an engaging virtual event and have come to recognize interactive entertainment as a possible solution. I have two cameras setup, along with screen-shared content and custom corporate messaging, when appropriate.

No longer a Los Angeles based magician bound to clients who can afford to fly me to their events, I can now perform as a virtual magician for guests around the world all at the same time.