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Hire A Magician to Break The Ice

Strolling Entertainment is a specific type of close up magic in which the magician or mentalist mingles among guests performing short sets of 2-15 minutes in length for small groups at an event. At a lot of corporate events, I’ll perform strolling entertainment followed by a break during dinner, and then perform the feature show afterward. If you’re considering a magician for hire during your event’s cocktail hour or reception, you probably have Strolling Entertainment in mind. When done right, it can serve as the perfect ice breaker to bring guests together and give everyone an intimate experience to kick off the night.

Essentially the performer approaches a group and offers to perform. If not handled correctly, this can be awkward and clumsy. An experienced magician or mentalist knows how to read a room and see what groups are ready to appreciate entertainment. After all, if it is a corporate event, a group may be in the middle of an important conversation and the performer needs to be able to recognize that and respect their privacy. Similarly, after performing for a little while, the magician needs to read the situation a second time and know whether the group wants to see more or whether he/she should move on to the next group.

Besides reading the situation, the performer needs to have a repertoire that can accommodate being surrounded by guests and one that can entertain both small groups of two as well as the larger groups of 15 that inevitably congregate around a quality magician or mentalist.

One thing to consider before you look for a strolling magician for hire is your event timeline. Strolling entertainment is versatile in that you don’t need a stage, etc, but it is important to program the entertainment at the right time. Given how interactive it is, it tends not to work well during dinner or in venues that are so loud or dark that guests have trouble hearing or seeing the performer. As with everything, speak to your entertainer or event producer about what time would be best to hire a magician or mentalist to perform.

When I’m hired to perform as a magician for an event either in a social setting or a corporate event, my ultimate goal is to facilitate interaction among guests in an entertaining fashion. I want to get everyone talking to each other, to introduce people who are meeting for the first time and give everyone an experience they’ll remember forever. The best strolling entertainers will be both the hit of the party with everyone remembering their experience for years to come, and will also be able to turn the attention onto the event’s focus, such as the VIP or brand.